10 Signs That You Are Ready For Your Organic Chemistry Final

cyclooctane stop signAre you at the point where you’re ‘so done’ with your organic chemistry semester? Here are 10 signs that you’ve been at this a bit too long (submitted by Deborah).

10. When you see a Stop Sign you shout, “Cyclooctane”

9. You mistakenly call your dog Benji ‘Benzene’

8. When you saw the Red & Black headline about that weird UGA student, Ioulia Zaitseva, the first thing you thought was, “Hey, Zaitseva—like Zaitsev’s rule!”

7. You can draw some of the compounds listed on your shampoo bottle.

6. It’s becoming all too common that when you write the word “chemistry,” you start it with CH3.


4. You’re so delirious from studying late every night that you’re thinking maybe the final won’t be so hard.

3. Your best pickup line is, “I can’t spell nucleophile without U!”

2. You’ve added words like “snarf”, “goober”, and “honking” to your everyday vocabulary.

1. To be politically correct, you’ve started referring to fat people as “sterically hindered.”


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing. Hope to hear more from you.

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