2019 MCAT Dates

Taking the MCAT in 2019?
The dates are finally out though registration doesn’t open until late October.

United States MCAT 2019 Test Dates Leah4sciCanada MCAT 2019 Test Dates Leah4sci

2019 cycle is over, Click HERE to see 2020 Test Dates!

What you’re looking at here:

This year is slightly different in that the US and Canadian schedules are not the same.

The MCAT is typically offered a number of times in January for the ‘winter schedule’. Then the regular testing cycle runs March through September.

After you take the MCAT it takes about 30 days to get your scores. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your overall calendar from test date to working on and submitting your applications.

Not sure how to prepare or even get started?

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For more personal help see the following:

– Creating a custom study schedule and long term plan: Schedule an MCAT Strategy Session

– Startegy + content + accountability + guidance every step of the way: MCAT Study Hall

– one on one private MCAT tutoring

Strategy, Skills, and Useful Study Techniques

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  1. Hi Leah.
    Please can you explane me about the foreign students admission who want to study mbbs from Europe and there procedures of testing, and also about the official sites which were going to handle there applications.
    Thank you.

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