2020 MCAT Test Dates

Taking the MCAT in 2020?
The dates are finally out though registration doesn’t open until late October.

Looks like once again we have 2 different testing calendars for the US and Canada with more Canadian dates later in the cycle, perhaps to accommodate the rolling admissions for hard deadlines?

Have you seen the new MCAT Dates in response to Covid-19 interuptions? Read about them here!

2020 MCAT Test Dates Pandemic US Test Dates2020 MCAT Test Dates Pandemic Canada Test Dates

Most Canadian medical schools have hard deadlines. This means you should aim to complete your MCAT with enough time to receive your scores before the deadline.

Most US medical schools have rolling admissions. This means that the sooner you test, the sooner you can apply, and the sooner your application will be reviewed for consideration.
This is discussed in more detail in my free MCAT prep guide.

In my experience I’ve see the highest success rate with students who test by June and have their applications in by July.

Students testing in July still do ok, with Aug/Sep dates pushing it slightly.

Your #1 goal is to choose a test day that fits your timeline AND STILL allows you to be PREPARED!

You are much better off with a LATER test date than an early exam with a low score as this would only result in an earlier rejection. Remember it doesn’t matter WHEN you reach your goals, so long as you refuse to give up and keep working hard, you WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!!

*Additions to the testing schedule due to Covid-19

Not sure how to prepare or even get started?

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