Top 5 Must-Have Resources For Surviving Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Resources

Organic Chemistry is confusing enough on its own, so I’d like to clear up the confusion on the ‘must have’ resources for the course!

1- Review Books and Practice Problems

They say practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be more true for organic chemistry. I recommend these books (click for my referral link to amazon) for review and practice problems

Organic Chemistry As A Second Language: Orgo 1 or Orgo 2

Organic Chemistry For Dummies: Orgo 1 or Orgo 2

Taking an ACS exam – grab the ACS Study Guide and familiarize yourself with ACS style questions

2- Model Kit

This is especially important for beginner students. A model kit helps you visualize 3-dimensional structures for topics like Newman Projections, Chair Conformations, and Stereochemistry

Click to purchase the model kit I use (on Amazon)

Watch my Video Tutorial “How to Use Your Organic Chemistry Model Kit”

3- YouTube Tutorial Videos

Stuck on a topic, need a quick explanation? Check out these YouTube channels for helpful tutorial videos

Leah Fisch aka Leah4sci (my channel)
Frank Wong aka Orgo Made Easy
Ron Davis aka Chem Survival

4- Private Tutoring

A private tutor will work with you on YOUR schedule and YOUR difficulties to help you understand and master the material.

Click HERE to find a local tutor on Wyzant. Simply type your subject and zip-code at the top right
Click HERE to work with me personally in an online session. We can work on your homework or review a past quiz/exam to ensure you understand what went wrong and how to avoid the same pitfalls on your next exam.

5- Organic Chemistry Study Hall

My online membership site provides you with the benefits of tutoring, on your own schedule, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Click to Join the Organic Chemistry Study Hall


Looking for a particular subject? Check out the Syllabus Companion for more


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  2. Hello, what book would you recommend me for Orgo 2? currently I am taking 1 and I have P. Bruice 7th Ed, but I would like a book with more practice problems

  3. Thank you so much for your fantastic, clear and straight to the point presentations. Your generous sharing of knowledge is inspiring. The world is a better place with you and your fellow open edu colleagues in it. Wishing you every best success with everything.

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