Acetal Reactions Practice Quiz

Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sciThe quiz below requires some mastery in reactions, intermediates, and step-by-step mechanisms. Not ready? Start by gaining your foundation in the Acetal Tutorial Video Series!

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Part 1: Complete the Following Reactions

If the aldehyde or ketone can react twice show the intermediate along with the final product.

Hint: Hemiacetal and hemiketal form as intermediates for the acetal and ketal products As Seen in the Acetal Overview Video.

Ketone with acetone and acid Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci

Aldehyde reacting with ethyl alcohol ethanol in Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci

Cyclohexanone with propanol in Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci

Aldehyde find the product Acetal Quiz Worksheet by Leah4sci

Cylcohexanone Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci

Ketone diol in Acetal Practice Worksheet by Leah4sci

Part 2: Fill in the Missing Reactants or Products 

in the following acetal protecting group reactions.

Hint: You don’t need to work the entire problem. Review the reactant/product trick in this Acetal Overview Video.

Ketone and ester reacting with ethylene glycol in Acetal Quiz by Leah4sci

Find the reactant acetal protecting group practice worksheet by leah4sci

Ketone find the reactant with protecting group practice quiz by leah fisch

Part 3: Show the Step-by-Step Mechanism

in order to Complete the Following Reactions

Hint: Don’t let intramolecular reactions trick you. It follows the same mechanism as taught in the Acetal & Hemiacetal Mechanism Video Tutorial

Mechanism for Aldehyde Alcohol in Acetal Ketal Hemiacetal Worksheet by Leah Fisch

Ketone Ester Complete the Mechanism Acetal Hemiketal Ketal Practice by Leah4sci

Complete Mechanism Ketal Acetal Hemiacetal Practice Quiz by Leah Fisch

Challenge Questions!

Acetals are often used as protecting groups for complex synthesis reactions. Show how you’d bring about the following transformations. Pay special attention to potential unwanted side reactions.

Hint: Review the Redox Video Series as well as Grignard reaction

Ketone Ester yield Alcohol in Acetal Ketal Worksheet Quiz by Leah4sci_preview

Ketone and Halide to form an Alcohol in Acetal Hemiacetal Ketal Hemiketal Quiz by Leah Fisch


Ketone Ester yielding Cycloketone Alcohol in Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci

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