Alkoxymercuration Demercuration Reduction of Alkenes

Alkoxymercuration-Demercuration Reduction is a tricky mechanism for organic chemistry students. Not because it’s any more difficult than oxymercuration, but simply because students tend to overlook the alcohol reagent and miss the alkyl group in the product.

The video below helps you understand the similarities and differences between oxymercuration and alkoxymercuration of alkenes. The video also takes you through the step by step mechanism to ensure you understand this reaction.

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  1. You r doing a tremendous job ! Leah mam

    Because u are helping a lot of students all around the globe , in coming out of horribles (I mean
    The myth) of organic chemistry ,especially reaction mechanisms ,in a very smooth and the best way.

    I am just one of them.

    Ur method of teaching chemistry is very quite different from others.

    Again. Thank you & Namaste

    With regards.
    Anshul (India)

  2. The videos are really nice; brief and easy, best for test prepration and proper concepts.

  3. Thank you for these videos they are so helpful, and make it easier to understand this complicated material. 🙂

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