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Alkyne Tutorial Video Series Homepage Leah4sciAlkyne reactions are yet another critical tool in your organic chemistry arsenal. Alkynes have a triple bond allowing for more complex reactions than their simpler alkene counterparts though the reactions are quite similar.

Alkynes are especially exciting in orgo 1 synthesis and retro-synthesis due to their chain elongation ability.

The video series below (in progress, to be updated in Fall 2019) will take you through the basics of alkynes followed by the common reactions you’ll see in your undergraduate level organic chemistry course.

Follow along with the alkyne reactions cheat sheet. Then come back for the Alkyne reactions practice quiz in Fall 2019

Introduction to Alkyne Reactions in Organic Chemistry by Leah FischVideo 1 –Introduction to Alkyne Reactions

This video is an introduction to the concept of alkynes including an overview of alkyne hybridization and reactivity, properties and an introduction to the upcoming alkyne reactions.

Start here to get grounded with alkynes as you prepare to tackle more in depth reactions.

Alkyne Reduction Hydrogenation Reaction and Mechanism Leah FischVideo 2 – Alkyne Reduction

With 2 pi bonds the alkyne has various options for hydrogenation or reduction.

This video walks you through all 3 reduction reactions – to alkane or cis vs trans alkene, as well as a step by step walkthrough of the radical reduction reaction mechanism for alkyne to trans alkene.

Alkyne Reactions Products and Shortcuts by Leah4sci

Alkyne Reaction Shortcuts



Keto Enol Tautomerism Acid and Base Reaction and Mechanism

 Keto Enol Tautomerism

Follow along with the alkyne reactions cheat sheet!