1. I can attest to the part where the interviewee emphasized practice questions. Get the content review done and do practice questions along the way!!! Don’t put practice questions off for later! Buy the AAMC section bank especially, because those are very close to the actual exam in terms of doing analysis, interpreting data, and questions posed.

  2. What does she mean by matrix?

  3. MedOnLeave says

    Love all that you do for us, Leah, and I’m with Nadia – absolutely disconcerted by this interviewer. I didn’t really gather much – I’ll read it again later, because maybe I just refuse that someone blow my weekend high at the moment. Worst attitude, haughty not “excited,” reminds me of why I generally have never been able to stand most of my med peers.
    Appreciate your efforts & the study tool mentioned that I wasn’t aware of.
    Good luck Crystal!

    • Leah4sci says

      Interesting and thanks for the feedback Crystal. But she does have great advice for how to study and use the AAMC interactive tool.

  4. Thanks so much for this Leah. Also, thank you so much to each student who has taken the time to write a review of the new MCAT experience. If I’ve learned anything from the premed process — it is to appreciate those rare moments of free time when you get them. I appreciate everyone who has given up some of that time to help other students prepare for their upcoming exam.

    P.S. Crystal — I love how you have the countdown going! I’m right there with you. June or bust! 🙂

    • Leah4sci says

      You’re very welcome Rachel and I agree about being busy. To be honest I begged and pleaded because I realize how important it is to know that ‘it can be done’ and to hear from those who survived it 🙂

  5. I will not really comment on her insulting and condescending attitude. I feel she has to be tolerating and respectful of others. I would address each answer, and reading through each answer, she did not really answer the questions. I do like her simple strategy though of practice questions driven studying because that is what I am currently doing and it seems to help me.

  6. I did not really get a condescending vibe from this…if anything it was just sarcasm to me. I actually thought this was EXTREMELY HELPFUL….thank you so much for being very specific about which materials and resources to use!!!

  7. Thank you! I found this helpful. I test in 29 days.

  8. Raquel Rosa says


    I found this person to be very condescending even insulting at times. I learned nothing new. If you look through most of the answers she gave, NONE were answered straight forward. To me this interview was not helpful at all I didnt even finish it because i was dissapointed In her personal remarks to your listeners / students. However, your three previous ones were fantastic and helpful. I know you try your absolute best for us, and I kindly appreciate your every effort. Especially when you teach while sick. Once again thank you for investing in all of us. We are grateful!

    • Leah4sci says

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I think perhaps her more ‘excited’ approach to answering questions may have caught you off guard. I really found this one exciting and have received lots of positive comments from other students. But, not everyone will connect with each interview and that’s why I’m specifically trying to post many different ones to ensure you find at least one that’s helpful

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