Are You Ready for the MCAT?

Are you ready for your MCAT few weeks away by Leah4sci_preview

With a few weeks to your MCAT test date, how do you know that you’re really ready?

It can be hard to feel confident. But there are ways you can know for sure as you approach your test that you are READY!

This video takes you through a few self-evaluation questions to help you figure out if you are ready based on YOUR targets, YOUR history and YOUR goals.

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Video:

In This Video:

[0:03] Accessing your Exam Readiness
[1:27] Phase 1 of MCAT Preparation
[2:23] Decisions with Practice Tests
[5:25] Target Scores VS Practice Scores
[7:21] Score Improvement in the Final Few Weeks
[8:00] Evaluate your Readiness.

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