Ortho Meta Para Directing Effects in EAS Reactions

Ortho, Meta and Para refer to the 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4 relationships between benzene substituents. In Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution reactions, O/M/P directing effects help us figure out where to place the incoming electrophile. Electron Donating Groups activate the ring for ortho and para addition. Electron Withdrawing Groups deactivate the ring for meta addition. Halogens are the one exception.

Why Not To Study One MCAT Subject At A Time

The drawbacks of studying one subject at a time and
how to overcome forgetfulness with a balanced approach

2021 MCAT Test Dates

Taking the MCAT in 2021? After an insane MCAT cycle (thanks Covid-19) I bet you’re looking forward to a nice calm routine of MCAT prep with a predictable MCAT testing cycle. Well, the dates are finally out although registration doesn’t open until late October. Keep in mind, with the pandemic still going strong, everything is […]

Functional Groups Guide – Organic Chemistry

Complete Guide to Recognizing, Drawing, and Naming Functional Groups in Organic Chemistry A functional group is a specific group of atoms that helps determine the chemistry and reactivity of the overall molecule. When classifying functional groups, we look at both the specific atoms present, as well as the manner in which they are connected to […]

How to Stay Alert for 6:30am 12:15pm and 6pm MCAT

You CANNOT afford to lose MCAT questions due to being too tired to focus. In this video I’ll show you how to adjust your schedule to remain awake and alert for the entire duration of your 6:30am, 12:15pm and 6pm MCAT.

Why Aiming for a Lower MCAT Score Will Increase Your Med School Chances

Medical School acceptance is very competitive, can aiming for a LOWER MCAT score INCREASE your chances of acceptance? I will argue YES, let me explain why.

Shorter MCAT, Multiple Start Times and New Test Dates: AAMC Pandemic Update

The AAMC announced MCAT changes for the 2020 Pandemic cycle including shorter exams, 3 exam start times and 3 new MCAT test dates.

Keto Enol Tautomerization Reaction and Mechanism

Keto Enol Tautomerization or KET, is an organic chemistry reaction in which ketone and enol molecules can isomerize or interconvert, typically in an acid or base catalyzed reaction.

Lewis Structure for Radicals

This video shows you a quick, time-saving checklist for radicals in Lewis structures! It ensures you don’t miss anything when deciding WHICH atom most likely has the radical. You’ll also see it in action as it is applied to several examples. (Watch on YouTube: Lewis Structures Radicals. Click cc on bottom right for video transcription.) Links & Resources Mentioned […]