2020 MCAT Test Dates

Canada 2020 MCAT Test Exam Dates Leah4sci

Taking the MCAT in 2020? The dates are finally out though registration doesn’t open until late October. Looks like once again we have 2 different testing calendars for the US and Canada with more Canadian dates later in the cycle, perhaps to accommodate the rolling admissions for hard deadlines? Most Canadian medical schools have hard deadlines. This […]

Acid Base Equilibrium Organic Chemistry Practice Questions

Acid Base Equilibrium Organic Chemistry Practice Questions by Leah Fisch

Ranking acids and bases are about more than just knowing which is stronger/weaker. This video walks you through a few practice questions where you’re asked to determine the position of equilibrium for acid-base reactions WITHOUT using PKA values. Instead, we’re using CARIO to determine which acids and bases are stronger and predicting the reaction direction […]

Organic Chemistry Study Hall Semester Pass

Is your Organic Chem Class destroying your confidence? Are you doing what you’ve always done to master other classes, but suddenly it’s not enough? Are you overwhelmed with trying to memorize page after page of reactions, reagents, mechanisms, arrows, and more? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I get it. I’ve been there! In fact… I nearly failed Organic Chemistry! Now, you […]

Cyclohexane Ring Flip and Boat Conformation

Cyclohexane Ring Flip and Boat Conformation play by Leah4sci

Cyclohexanes are most stable in the chair conformation. This requires a ring flip to interconvert between the 2 chair conformations, with some funky (boat) intermediates. This video walks you through the ring flip and boat conformations both with a model kit as well as how to draw the ring flip and boat on paper. (Watch […]

Stoichiometry and Reactions Practice Problems for MCAT Chemistry

Stoichiometry and Reactions Practice Problems Leah4sci

While many students fear stoichiometry, I hope you’re feeling confident and ready to tackle practice problems after reviewing my MCAT Stoichiometry and Reactions video series. Haven’t watched it yet? Jump into the video series before attempting the quiz. This practice quiz was written to test your basic understanding of Stoichiometry and Reactions following along with AAMC Content […]

Balancing Chemical Equations with Practice Problems

Balancing Chemical Equations Stoichiometry Series by Leah Fisch

When it comes to balancing chemical equations, it’s very easy to get lost and confused by all the changing numbers. The videos below will show you a simple yet efficient approach to make sure you quickly account for all your numbers (minimal guessing) and don’t lose track of your work along the way. Balancing Equations […]

Conventions for Writing Chemical Equations – Arrows, Phases, Coefficients and more

Conventions for Writing Chemical Equations MCAT General Chemistry by Leah Fisch

When it comes to writing chemical equations it’s easy to confuse all the little letters and numbers. What do they mean? Where do they go? This video breaks down every letter and number you’ll see in chemical reactions, from coefficients and phases to numbers that represent charges, multiple atoms or polyatomic ions. (Watch on YouTube: Chemical […]

Common Types of Chemical Reactions

Common Types of Chemical Reactions in MCAT General Chemistry by Leah4sci

While the MCAT will not test you directly on the different types of chemical reactions, you will be expected to know them as they show up in more complex questions, passages, and experiments. This video walks you through the common types of chemical reactions including Disproportionation, Single Replacement, Double Replacement, Combination or Synthesis, Decomposition, and […]

How his MCAT Productivity jumped from 15 to 40 hours per week

family wife accountability and support MCAT study Leah4sci

Meet Ricky, A teacher, triathlon competitor, iron man finisher, and premed student. Ricky came to me for help creating a realistic study plan, and so we did. The first step in any MCAT study plan is simple: Review the situation, Come up with a strategic plan customized to the student’s unique situation as outlined in […]

Strong Acids and Bases Cheat Sheet Study Guide

MCAT Cheat Sheet Strong Acid and Base AAMC guide Leah4sci

The MCAT will require you to know the difference between strong and weak acids and bases. You’ll not only have to recognize the weak acids and bases, but MEMORIZE the standard list of strong acids and bases listed on the cheat sheet below. This cheat sheet below is meant to accompany the MCAT Acid/Base Tutorial Series (math focus) […]