Phenol Resonance and Acidity Organic Chemistry Video

Alcohols Resonance & Acidity of Phenol by Leah4sci

Phenol is a unique alcohol due to having a benzene ring and associated resonance. This video walks you through phenol resonance structures to help you understand how resonance impacts its acidity. Examples include comparing phenol to acetic acid as well as the impact of substituents on the ring like nitrophenol. (Watch on YouTube: Phenol Resonance/Acidity. Click […]

Acidity and Basicity of Alcohols Organic Chemistry Video

Alcohols Acidity and Basicity of Allcohols play

Alcohols are amphiprotic making them both acids and bases. This video shows you  how to rank acidity and basicity of alcohols using charge, electronegativity, resonance, and inductive effect with practice examples along the way. (Watch on YouTube: Acidity & Basicity. Click CC for Transcription.) Links & Resources Mentioned In This Video: Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Acids […]

Acid Base Practice Problems Quiz

Acids and Bases practice problems organic chemistry

Ready to test your knowledge of acids and bases with a few practice problems? This quiz is designed to follow my Acids and Bases tutorial video series. But I’m  not looking to see if you simply ‘memorized’ the concepts. The videos use simple examples to demonstrate concepts, these questions will test you at a slightly […]

How To Avoid Blanking Out On Your Final Exams

avoid blanking out on exams

Weeks of preparation, countless hours of study and sleepless nights all boil down to this one exam. You’ve studied and prepared in every way you could. And you know you’re ready… Until you see your final exam. You attempt to read the first question… and you suddenly blank out! Somehow everything you’ve studied runs right […]

Resonance Structures Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz

Resonance Structures Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz

Not sure if you’ve mastered resonance structures? Looking for extra practice? Resonance is a critical topic in your organic chemistry curriculum. After watching the Resonance Structures Video Series test your knowledge with this short quiz below. Give it a shot, then check the solutions (linked at the end) and see how you did. Resonance Structures Practice […]

Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Practice Quiz

Functional Groups Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz Leah4sci

Think you’ve mastered your organic chemistry functional groups? Take this short quiz to find out where you stand. If you don’t feel 100% ready go back to my Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Video and download the functional groups cheat sheet to follow along. See how you did then scroll down for the solutions at the end […]

Aromaticity Practice Problems for Aromatic, Antiaromatic, Nonaromatic

aromatic antiaromatic nonaromatic practice questions

Aromaticity is one of the more exciting topics in organic chemistry! Partly because of it’s potential for easy points on your quiz/exam.. that is IF you truly understand, not merely memorize: when you know what to look for to identify aromatic, antiaromatic and non aromatic compounds. Start with the Aromaticity Review + Videos, then see how […]

Alkyne Reduction Hydrogenation Reaction and Mechanism Video

Alkyne Reduction Hydrogenation Reaction and Mechanism Leah Fisch

Alkynes possess 2 pi bonds allowing for a full or partial reduction. This video walks you through the conditions required for all 3 reduction products including complete hydrogenation as well as the partial reduction to a cis or trans alkene. You’ll also learn the step by step mechanism for (radical) dissolving metal reduction. (Watch on YouTube: […]

Introduction to Alkyne Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Alkyne Reactions in Organic Chemistry by Leah Fisch

Alkyne reactions typically mark the turning point between basic organic chemistry and this just got real! This video provides an introduction to what you can expect when studying alkyne reactions. From their basic chemistry and properties to the various alkyne reactions. (Watch on YouTube: Alkyne Intro. Click CC  for Transcription.) –> Watch Next Video: Alkyne Reduction – Hydrogenation […]

Organic Chemistry Preview Guide: What to Pre-Study for the Upcoming Orgo Semester

Organic Chemistry Preview Guide What to Pre-Study for the Upcoming Organic Chemistry Semester

Your organic chemistry class is just around the corner.  You’re hoping, planning, committing,  have the best intentions… you want to get an A! These are great steps, And they work, But they’re all hypothetical! At least until the semester begins and you have a chance to take action on your goals! Why not turn your […]