Redox Pairs and Common Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

Redox Pairs and Common Oxidizing and Reducing Agents in MCAT General Chemistry by Leah4sci

Oxidation and reduction cannot happen on their own. When one atom loses electrons another atom has to gain these electrons. This video walks you through redox pairs using the mnemonic LEO the lion says GER to help you understand oxidizing/reducing agents. You’ll also learn how to recognize (rather than memorize) common oxidizing and reducing agents. […]

Amino Acid Peptide Linkage Formation and Hydrolysis Reactions

Amino Acid Peptide Linkage and Hydrolysis Reactions MCAT by Leah Fisch.png

Amino acids are the building blocks of living things. This makes the process of making/breaking bonds critical to understanding biological sciences. This video walks you through the formation of an amino acid bond – the peptide bond, as well as breaking the bonds through hydrolysis. (Watch on YouTube: Peptide Linkage/Hydrolysis. Click CC for transcription) Links […]

Calculating Oxidation Numbers in MCAT General Chemistry

Calculating Oxidation Number in MCAT General Chemistry by Leah Fisch

Oxidation numbers can be confusing, unless you think of it as charge (real or imaginary) associated with each specific atom in a complex molecule or polyatomic ion. This video shows you how to find and calculate oxidation numbers when given simple and complex molecules or ions. (Watch on YouTube: Oxidation Numbers. Click CC for transcription.) Links […]

2019 MCAT Dates

United States MCAT 2019 Test Dates Leah4sci

Taking the MCAT in 2019? The dates are finally out though registration doesn’t open until late October. What you’re looking at here: This year is slightly different in that the US and Canadian schedules are not the same. The MCAT is typically offered a number of times in January for the ‘winter schedule’. Then the […]

MCAT Math Trick for Raising Decimals To Exponents No Calculator

MCAT Math Trick for Raising Decimals to Exponents No Calculator MCAT Leah Fisch

Decimals and Exponents can be tough without a calculator, but YOU can learn how to do them quickly! This video will teach you how to quickly solve examples such as (0.3)^2 and (0.05)^3 without a calculator! Save precious time on your MCAT practice and time on you official exam by mastering this MCAT Math Trick! […]

Mole and Avogadro’s Number in MCAT General Chemistry

Stoichiometry & Reactions 6 play

Moles and Avogadro’s number are big! And they come across as overwhelming. But YOU can master them! This video covers the definition of Moles, with an illustration showing the logic of moles in general chemistry. You’ll also see how to easily and quickly convert from and to them on the MCAT. You’ll see conversions including […]

Percent By Mass Composition MCAT General Chemistry

Stoichiometry & Reactions 5 play

All the composition by percent mass questions don’t have to be confusing. You can use them to get the information you need! Learn ONE rule for them all! This video makes this concept simple. You’ll see WHY and HOW these equations work, instead of memorizing all the different percent formulas. You will see examples worked step-by-step my […]