Introduction to Amino Acids in MCAT Biochemistry

Understanding the structure and nature of Amino Acids is critical to understanding biological molecules and reactions as they are tested on the MCAT. This is the first in an in-depth MCAT Amino Acid series covering the basic structure and side chain characteristics. (Watch on YouTube: Amino Acids Intro¬†Click cc on the bottom right for video […]

Converting Fischer to Hayworth Pyaranose and Furanose Video Tutorial

Video 5 in the Fischer Projection series shows you how to convert a linear sugar in the Fischer Projection to a 6-member Hayworth Projection Pyranose or 5-member Furanose. You’ll learn my shortcut to help you instantly recognize the correct version of any cyclic sugar. (click to watch on YouTube. or catch the¬† Video transcript here) […]

Converting Newman to Fischer Projections Tutorial Video

Fisher Projection Series: Video 4 (Newman Projection Series: Video 6) This video shows you how to convert from a Newman Projection to a Fischer projection using the long and tedious method followed by my shortcut. You’ll also see my trick from converting from Fischer back to Newman. (Watch on YouTube: Newman to Fisher. Click CC […]

Fischer Projection Practice Problem Set

Fischer projections crop in both organic chemistry and biochemistry. After studying my Fischer Projection tutorial series try your hand at this short quiz and see how you do. The questions range from simple to intermediate and are designed to help you figure out where you stand. If you find yourself stuck on any given problem […]

Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve Right and Left Shift Explained

The oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve is an important yet somewhat tricky topic when it comes to MCAT prep. Instead of memorizing the sigmoidal curve shape, and the molecules which cause a right or left shift, it’s important that you take the time to understand WHY the curve would shift one way or the other, and WHAT […]

Introduction to Hemoglobin and Oxygen Binding in Red Blood Cells

Video 1 in the MCAT hemoglobin series gives you a quick yet important introduction to Red blood cells as well as hemoglobin structure and importance.   (click to watch on YouTube, or read the video transcript (coming soon) Return to the Hemoglobin Tutorial home page

Amino Acid Charge in Zwitterions and Isoelectric Point MCAT Tutorial

Knowing how to find both charge and isoelectric point for amino acids is a critical MCAT skill. Understanding why an amino acid will gain or lose a proton at a given pH is even more critical. The MCAT is a test of logic and understanding, which is why this article will break down amino acid […]

Fischer Projection Stereochemistry Finding R and S for Single and Multiple Chiral Centers

Finding chirality for a 2-dimensional Fischer projection can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. This video shows you how to prioritize and rank groups on a Fischer projection when you have one or more chiral center. This video also addresses chirality when group #4 (H) is not going down/into the page (click to […]

Converting Sawhorse to Fischer Projections Tutorial Video

Converting between sawhorse and Fischer projections is a critical skill in understanding your chiral molecules. Even if you’re not required to DRAW conversions on your exam, knowing HOW is a critical skill to truly understanding the nature of chirality in Fischer Projections. This video shows you my step by step + shortcut approach. (click to […]

Fischer Projections Tutorial Video for Single and Multiple Chiral Centers

Fischer projections are a key skill required at the organic chemistry and definitely at the biochemistry molecule. Instead of drawing complex 3-dimensional structures over and over, you simply learn how to draw a ‘flat’ version of the molecule without losing its chirality. This video is the first in a 5-part series to help you learn […]