The New MCAT Demystified

MCAT sections scores timeline and dates

When the AAMC released a brand new MCAT style in 2015, there was a great deal of panic among pre-med students. (2019 Test/score release dates below) The exam contains more sections as well as more questions per section, and covers quite a bit more information compared to the old exam (video). But it’s not as bad as it sounds. […]

Newspaper Strategy For Increasing your MCAT Verbal (CARS) Score

Newspaper Strategy for MCAT Verbal Reasoning

The MCAT’s Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section is a challenge for many pre-med students. You may have spent your undergrad studying the sciences without much time for casual or academic reading. Also, unlike the sciences you are used to, you can’t study cold hard facts to improve your verbal (CARS) score. As an MCAT […]

How To Review Your AAMC Practice Exam

how to review aamc practice test

So you took a full-length AAMC practice exam. You may be thrilled with the results – or you may be far from your MCAT goal. Now what? Do you hit the books again and memorize the answers to every question you missed? Not exactly If you analyze your practice AAMC exam results correctly, you will […]

Should I Postpone My MCAT Date?

should i posptone my mcat date by leah fisch

As a premed student preparing for your upcoming MCAT, it’s normal to feel worried and unprepared. After all, your MCAT scores may very well be the difference between a medical school admissions committee reviewing your application or tossing it into the reject pile. Perhaps you set up a long-term study plan and scheduled your testing […]