Intro to Orgo Video Series

Organic chemistry professors typically take it for granted that you remember everything you learned in General Chemistry. However, 99% of students forget over break! That is, if you even got to this in your gen-chem course. This video series will give you an in-depth review of the General Chemistry topics that will build a strong Organic […]

How to Draw Skeletal Structures of Organic Compounds

Organic molecules can become complicated very quickly. Skeletal structures give you a simple way to quickly represent these organic structures. The video below will teach you how to quickly, and easily draw skeletal structures. You’ll learn how to identify molecules when written in lines. including molecules containing oxygen bonds, nitrogen, and more. (Watch on YouTube: Skeletal Structures. Click […]

Cyclohexane Chair Conformations Practice Quiz

Chair conformations can present quite the challenge in Organic Chemistry. But they don’t have to. Start by gaining your foundation in the Chair Conformations Tutorial Series.  Then test your knowledge and understanding of this topic with the quiz below. Scroll to the very bottom of this quiz for a link to the FREE quiz solutions PDF […]

Lewis Structure Trick for Organic Chemistry Molecules

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 5 Lewis structures provide you with a simple way to draw out an organic molecule showing every atom, bond, and lone electron pair. While not ideal for demonstrating bond angle and molecular geometry, it’s a great way to begin your understanding of molecules and bonding in organic chemistry. Every professor […]

Formal Charge Calculation Shortcut Tutorial Video

Formal charge is one of the few equations you’ll learn in your organic chemistry course. It’s also needlessly difficult. This video helps you understand the logic behind formal charge as well as my shortcut for calculating formal charge in just a few seconds. (click to watch on YouTube. or catch the Video transcript here) Watch […]

sp2/sp Hybridization, Bond Angle, Molecular Geometry Tutorial Video

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 3 sp2 and sp hybrids provide organic compounds with unique shapes and reacting abilities. This video breaks down the hybridization for sp2 and sp fused orbitals using carbon and other commonly seen atoms to help you understand hybrids, geometry, and bond angles. (Watch on YouTube: Bond Angles. Click cc on bottom […]

sp3 Hybridization, Bond Angle, Molecular Geometry Tutorial Video

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 2 Carbon is the most common element you’ll come across in your organic chemistry course. It’s ability to bind up to 4 different atoms for a 3-dimensional structure makes it so unique and so important to organic compounds. This video helps you understand the sp3 hybridization for carbon and other […]

Ionic, Polar Covalent and Non-Polar Covalent Bonding Tutorial Video

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 1 Your organic chemistry professor will take it for granted that you have a solid understanding of bonding. Specifically the chemical nature of ionic bonds, polar covalent and non-polar covalent bonds. These will be especially important once you start working through reactions because understanding bonds will help you recognize strong/weak […]

Formal Charge Formula and Shortcut for Organic Chemistry

Formal Charge is that pesky concept covered early in organic chemistry and somehow never seems to go away. Why do I call it pesky? Because the equation in your textbook is long, confusing, and needlessly annoying. How can you afford that kind of time when working through a multi-step synthesis? You Can’t! You shouldn’t have […]

Formal Charge Formula Shortcut for Organic Compounds Video

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 4 Calculating formal charge is one of the most important skills you have to master in your organic chemistry course. At first you’ll simply calculate which atom on a polyatomic ion carries charge. But as you get into more advanced reactions you’ll be using formal charge to identify reactive intermediates […]