Newman Projection to Bond-Line Notation Trick Organic Chemistry

Newman Projection to Bond Line Notation Trick by Leah4Sci

Newman Projection Series: Video 5 Newman projections provide you with a unique perspective of analyzing atomic interactions in a molecule. However, converting between Newman Projection and Sawhorse can be somewhat tricky. This video teaches you a quick shortcut for when you need to quickly convert between Newman to Sawhorse or Sawhorse to Newman. (Watch on […]

Resonance Practice Problems for Organic Chemistry

Resonance Practice Problems for Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video

Think you know Resonance structures? Test your knowledge with my Resonance Structures Practice Quiz! Practice is ESSENTIAL to mastering Organic Chemistry. You have to be able to apply the skills you are learning. First, complete the Resonance Structures Practice Quiz, and then watch this video where I go over the first three question solutions and explanations step-by-step! (Watch […]

Propyl Butyl and Pentyl Branched Substituents

Butyl Substituent Isomers butane n-butyl secbutyl isobutyl tert butyl

When you hear n-butyl, secbutyl, isobutyl and tert butyl. Do these terms scare you? Learning Organic Chemistry is like learning a new language where certain prefixes and suffixes will mean different things. Different ways of arranging bits and pieces will bring you to different variations of compounds. But just like a new language, the more you see it, […]

Enolate Ion Formation for Alpha Carbonyl Reactions

Enolate Ion Formation Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video

Reactions at the alpha carbonyl position with enolate intermediates occur in many reactions! This includes but is not limited to: Alpha-Halogenation, Haloform & Idoform tests, Aldol, Claisen Condensation and more. Once you grasp enolate anion formation, it’s reactivity and stability, you’ll have the clarity you need to master the upcoming reactions. This video also covers common enolate pKa […]

How to Draw Skeletal Structures of Organic Compounds

Drawing Skeletal Structures for Organic Compounds Video

Organic molecules can become complicated very quickly. Skeletal structures give you a simple way to quickly represent these organic structures. The video below will teach you how to quickly, and easily draw skeletal structures. You’ll learn how to identify molecules when written in lines. including molecules containing oxygen bonds, nitrogen, and more. (Watch on YouTube: Skeletal Structures. Click […]

Claisen Condensation Reaction and Mechanism

Claisen Condensation Reaction Mechanism Tutorial Video by Leah Fisch

Claisen condensation is a fun reaction used to form a beta keto ester when reacting esters in a strong base. This video shows you the step by step reaction mechanism including why the reaction is reversible only till the final step. (Watch on YouTube: Claisen Condensation. Click cc on the bottom right for video transcript) […]

Intramolecular Aldol Condensation Reaction

Intramolecular Aldol Condensation Reaction and Mechanism tutorial video

Intramolecular Aldol condensations happen when a single molecule contains 2 reaction aldehyde/ketone groups. When the alpha carbon of one group attacks the other, the molecule attacks itself forming a ring structure. This video shows you how to identify the correct alpha carbon and carbonyl will complete the most stable ring as well as how to […]

Mixed Cross Aldol Reaction

Mixed or Cross Aldol Condensation Reaction video

A mixed or cross aldol reaction uses 2 different starting aldehydes or ketones for a potential mess of 4 different products. This video shows you how to quickly identify all 4 possible products as well as how to control reaction conditions to help limit the number of products formed. (Watch on YouTube: Cross Aldol Reaction. Click […]

Aldol Reaction Shortcut

Aldol Condensation Reaction Trick tutorial video

Aldol reaction mechanisms are long and tedious! Once you’ve mastered the aldol addition/condensation mechanism you need a faster way to predict products. You also need to be able to identify starting molecules from a given product. This video shows you my 1-2-3 trick for quickly identifying aldol condensation products as well as using the products […]

Aldol Addition and Condensation Reaction Mechanism

Aldol addition and aldol condensation tutorial video

Aldol reactions are useful in organic chemistry synthesis for creating new carbon to carbon bonds. This reaction can occur as an aldol addition reaction at lower temperatures forming a beta-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, or as an aldol condensation reaction at higher temperatures forming an alpha-beta unsaturated product. This video walks you through the addition and […]