Resonance Structures of Benzene

Benzene is a unique molecule when it comes to resonance structures. This video will show you how to draw the ‘circle’ of resonance for benzene, as well as resonance intermediates for substituted aromatic compounds including Electron Donating Groups EDG which resonate into the ring and Electron Withdrawing Groups EWG which cause resonance out of the ring. […]

Resonance Practice Problems for Organic Chemistry

Think you know Resonance structures? Test your knowledge with my Resonance Structures Practice Quiz! Practice is ESSENTIAL to mastering Organic Chemistry. You have to be able to apply the skills you are learning. First, complete the Resonance Structures Practice Quiz, and then watch this video where I go over the first three question solutions and explanations step-by-step! (Watch […]

Drawing Radical Resonance for Allylic and Benzylic Radicals

When you think of resonance, you’re likely thinking of 2 electrons as a lone pair or pi bond. But radicals, or unpaired single electrons can also participate in resonance to increase their stability. Video 4 shows you how to draw the ‘fishhook’ resonance for allylic and benzylic radical structures (Watch on YouTube: Radicals. Click cc on bottom […]

Major and Minor Resonance Structures

Once you’ve mastered the rules for which electrons to resonate (video 2) it’s important to understand which resonance structures are considered important or major contributors, and which are considered less important or minor contributors. This video helps you rank resonance structures based on charge, electronegativity and more. (Watch on YouTube: Structures. Click cc on bottom right […]

Key Arrow Patterns in Resonance Structures

Understanding resonance structures is the first step. Knowing which electrons CAN and CAN’T is key to figuring out how to draw additional resonance structures. This video shows you what to avoid when drawing resonance, followed by key arrow patterns to look out for in determining additional structures. (Watch on YouTube: Key Arrow. Click cc on bottom right […]

What is Resonance Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video

The first step to learning resonance structures in organic chemistry, is to comfortably know the answer to this question: What is Resonance? Don’t just memorize ‘these arrows move here’. Instead, make sure you get why molecules resonate to delocalize their electrons, and understand the difference between ‘resonance hybrid’ and ‘resonance intermediates’. This and more is […]