Organic Chemistry Syllabus Companion Topics List

Syllabus companion for organic chemistry students

Match up your organic chemistry syllabus to my organic chemistry tutorials, videos, cheat sheets and practice material. If your semester is about to begin, match up your syllabus topics to the tutorials below and start PRE-LEARNING as much as you can. This will help you avoid overwhelm or falling behind throughout the semester. Knee deep […]

How To Avoid Blanking Out On Your Final Exams

avoid blanking out on exams

Weeks of preparation, countless hours of study and sleepless nights all boil down to this one exam. You’ve studied and prepared in every way you could. And you know you’re ready… Until you see your final exam. You attempt to read the first question… and you suddenly blank out! Somehow everything you’ve studied runs right […]

Organic Chemistry Pre-Finals Video 1

The first step in pre-final success is setting yourself up FOR success. Video 1 is all about the ‘Backwards Calendar’. What does this mean? How will it help? Watch and find out Found this page through a friend? Sign up at for the entire mini-series   Video 2 to follow shortly In the meantime, after leaving a […]

The Secret to Conquering Study Procrastination

secret to conquering study procrastination

Picture this scenario. You know you have to study for a big exam, but you’re not confident with the material. You open your book to study, find yourself getting more and more frustrated, and just give up. You know you need to study, but keep finding good reasons to procrastinate until the day before the […]

The Secret To Effective Studying During Chores, Workouts, and Mundane Tasks

studying during mundane tasks - Leah Fisch

As a college student studying organic chemistry among a load of other courses, you are likely a very busy person! And if you’re like me, you probably feel guilty every time you do something that doesn’t involve studying! Every day you have many mundane tasks to complete. While you would prefer to be studying, you […]

Pencil Trick For Classifying Primary Secondary and Tertiary Carbon Atoms

pencil trick for identifying degree of carbon atoms

As an organic chemistry tutor, one of the first and more complicated topics that my students need help with is how to quickly recognize primary, secondary and tertiary carbon atoms within a molecule. There are a number of ways to do this. I’ll explain them then show you a trick you can apply to get […]

What Every Student Needs To Know About Studying In The Bathroom

studying in the bathroom

Have you ever considered how much time you waste when you’re in the bathroom? Do you ever do something to pass the time while you’re on the can? For example, read a magazine or book, answer text messages or emails, etc. Here’s a trick to learn more information and minimize study distractions without adding any […]

Don’t Rely On Your Organic Chemistry Model Kit

organic chemistry model kit caution

If your professor says you can use your organic chemistry model kit on exams, I say DON’T. Don’t rely on it that is. Organic chemistry is a 3-dimensional subject that you learn on 2-dimensional paper. I know this sounds confusing but as an orgo student you’ll learn many tricks to work through 3-D problems on […]

How To Avoid Organic Chemistry Study Burnout

avoid organic chemistry study burnout

Study burnout – the fatal flaw the strikes organic chemistry students It’s the week before your organic chemistry exam and you have five chapters to cover in seven days. Plenty of time, right? You set an ambitious schedule to cover a chapter a day for the first five days. Being the good student that you […]

10 Signs That You Are Ready For Your Organic Chemistry Final

cyclooctane stop sign

Are you at the point where you’re ‘so done’ with your organic chemistry semester? Here are 10 signs that you’ve been at this a bit too long (submitted by Deborah) 10. When you see a Stop Sign you shout “Cyclooctane” 9. You mistakenly call your dog Benji ‘Benzene’ 8. When you saw the Red & Black […]