Cyclohexane Chair Conformations Practice Quiz

Chair Conformations Practice Quiz Leah4sciChair conformations can present quite the challenge in Organic Chemistry.

But they don’t have to.

Start by gaining your foundation in the Chair Conformations Tutorial Series

Then test your knowledge and understanding of this topic with the quiz below.

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Part 1: Warmup Questions

Question 1: Name, then Draw BOTH chair conformations for each of the following cyclohexane hexagon molecules.

Hint: Need help? Review the Drawing Chairs tutorial

Name and draw chair conformation practice quiz leah4sci


Question 2: Determine the total number of Axial and Equatorial hydrogen atoms in trans-decalin as shown below:


Question 3: Convert the following chair conformations into planar ‘hexagon’ structures:



Part 2: Cyclohexane Ring Flips and Chair Stability

Question 4: Draw the ring flip for each of the following chair conformations

Hint: Don’t forget, up stays up and down stays down. As taught in this Tutorial Video.


Question 5: Draw the lowest energy chair conformation for each of the following cyclohexane structures.

Beginner students: Draw BOTH chairs and compare energy and stability.

Advanced students: See if you can visualize the molecule and draw ONLY the more stable structure.


Question 6: Determine if the Cis or Trans chair conformation is more stable for each of the following molecules. (Read for a quick review of cis/trans)

a) 1,2-dibromocyclohexane

b) 1,3-diethylcyclohexanol

c) 4-methylcyclohexanamine

Part 3: Advanced

Question 7: Draw ALL possible chair conformations for 2-tert-butylcyclohexanol then rank in order of most to least stable.

Question 8: Answer this question WITHOUT drawing a chair conformation/ring flip. Determine if the highlighted atom will appear in the axial or equatorial position in the more stable chair conformation.

Chair Conformations Ranking Axial and Equatorial Stability practice quiz

Challenge Question: 

Convert the following

a) Newman Projection into a chair conformation

b) Chair conformation into a Newman ProjectionChallenge Convert the following newman projection into a chair conformation and chair conformation into a newman projection in Practice Quiz

Need to Review? Study the Chair Conformations Tutorial Series

Rusty on Newman? Watch the Newman Projection Video Series to review


Are you SOLID with Chair Conformations?

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