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My MCAT math study guide cheat sheet is free to download. All I ask is that you share via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ using the links below. If you prefer NOT to share click the direct link option below.


Right click and select the print option or click ‘save as’ to download a copy to your computer




  1. Syed Roohul Hussain says:


  2. Hi Leah! How do you calculate the square root of odd powers of 10? For example, the square root of 10^3. Thank you!

  3. Zakria Jaffar says:

    Thank You So much mam.!

  4. thank u so much

  5. Million thanks Leah. I really appreciate what you do. You do amazing work!

  6. This is awesome! Thank you for devoting your time to making this for us as well as all the other cheat sheets. You rock!

  7. Are you able to elaborate on the “log range values”? I am not sure how you are computing those.

  8. was that the only mistake on this sheet??,.7 should be .3 So I can simply correct that one, and print! 🙂

  9. Ayo johnson says:

    Hey, thanks for these! very helpful.

  10. Great overall i think your logarithms are incorrect at the bottom i.e.: log 5 x 10^-# should be #.7 not #.3

  11. 9×50 doesn’t equal 425

  12. Leah4sci says:

    If you’re on a PC right click and select the print option

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