Enantiomeric Excess Percent Optical Purity Calculations and Logic

Enantiomeric Excess Percent Optical Purity Calculations Stereochemistry percent excess by Leah4sciEnantiomeric excess percentage (aka optical purity percentage) calculations are one of the few equations you’ll come across in your orgo course.

This video gives you a  step by step breakdown and practice examples.

You’ll see how to find the percent excess via logic and see the numbers side by side.

(Watch on YouTube: Optics 3. Click CC for video transcription.)

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  1. I love you alot and more than alot, Your tutorials made me score an “A” on organic chemistry introduction.

    • Thank you 🙂 Glad my videos helped you get an A and congrats on that A given how difficult this course can be despite the help.

  2. Courtney Miller says

    Do you have an ETA for the video before this one?

    Your videos are wonderful!

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