Factor Of 10 Shortcut in MCAT Multiplication and Division

MCAT math tutorial video factor of 10 trick for complex calculationsThis tutorial continues from MCAT Math Video 2 where I show you how to use the factor-of-10-trick to quickly multiply and divide any number by a factor of 10, 100, and so on.

However, many of your MCAT chemistry and physics calculations will not be this clean and easy. But you certainly cannot afford to waste time doing long pen-and-paper calculations.

This tutorial video shows you how to utilize the factor of 10 tricks when you have to multiply random numbers, especially when dealing with small yet annoying decimals.

Factor Of 10 Trick For Multiplying/Dividing Complex Numbers

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MCAT Style Question Solved In This Video:

Force Question: An elephant bumps a stone weighing 89 grams giving it an initial acceleration of 200 m/s^2. With how much force did the elephant hit the stone? Watch the video for the detailed shortcut and solution

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  1. omg… i’m so glad someone has finally made a series for this!!! i have been struggling with this kind of math for the longest time and thought i was the only one. this is a lifesaver leah!! definitely checking out your other vids

    • Very glad this has been helpful to you! You are most definitely not alone. So much so, that I have a whole set of videos on MCAT Math as apart of the MCAT Study Hall too, for a deeper look.

  2. sharaka browley says

    This is so helpful! Thank you so much.

  3. Its just amazing. I am just geting every calc right and enjoying doing it. helped me alot thank u very much.

  4. These videos are brilliant! Thank you so much, Leah!!

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