Fischer Projections Cheat Sheet Study Guide

Fischer projections can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

My new guide will help you recognize and draw fishcer projections, finding R and S when there is one or more chiral center, convert between Fischer and sawhorse or Newman, and finally draw pyranose and furanose rings for sugar molecules.

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Download a copy to your computer and another to your phone.

When you find yourself waiting for the bus or on line at Starbucks, forget Facebook, study this guide instead.

Click the image below to print/download the full version

Fischer Projections Organic Biochemistry study guide cheat sheet preview


  1. David Wilhelm says

    I’m cramming for finals and unfortunately missed the lectures on sugars and fisher projections. Nothing I found laid it out clearly enough for me to understand how everything went together. Your explanation of where the attacks take place finally helped it click for me! Thank you

  2. Bridgett Clarke says

    Saving lives one Fischer projection at a time. Thank you!

  3. This page is extremely helpful and well-put-together. You have significantly improved my understanding of stereochemistry and how the different projections relate to eachother. Thank you for explaining it all so well!



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