Forces in MCAT Physics Intro Video

Forces in MCAT Physics Intrduction to F-maThe first step to conquering force equations, is to conquer F=ma.

Not just with simple memorization, but with the understanding of how the units relate to each other, and how to derive different forms of this equation so that the units work out as expected.

This video breaks it down for you and also shows you how forces ties in with kinematics.

Not confident with the basics?

Click HERE for a kinematics review, and click HERE for a review of MCAT Math Without A Calculator

(click to watch this video on YouTube, or read the video transcript coming soon)

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This is video 1 in the MCAT Forces video series. Click HERE for the entire series


  1. Your videos are absolutely amazing and extremely helpful!!!! Thank you for making physics understandable!

  2. This is a really great video

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