Fractions Ratios Percentages and Proportions on the MCAT

MCAT math tutorial video fractions ratios percent and proportionsNot every difficult MCAT question is inherently tough. You may find yourself faced with a potentially easy physics or chemistry MCAT question, only made tough by the detailed and tedious math required.

This is especially true when fractions are involved, in the form of dimensional analysis, ratios, proportions, or finding percent values. The math is certainly doable using pen and paper, but is it worth the time wasted?

The video below shows you how to quickly tackle fractions, ratios, percentages and proportions on MCAT style questions without a calculator.

MCAT Fractions, Ratios, Percentages, and Proportions

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MCAT Questions Solved In This Video:

Molarity Question: Find the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 35g of NaBr in 500 ml of water

Hybridization Question: Find the percent ‘d’’ character in a molecule that has sp3d hybridization

Gravitational Force Question: What is the gravitational force on a planet if the mass is 3 times the mass of earth but its radius is only 2 times the radius of the earth?

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  1. hi, wonderful stuff.

    you solved the fraction ” 7/33 ” , by making ” 33 ” into a hundred by multiplying ” 33 with 3 “. okay.
    But what if I’m asked a question, ” 7/44 “. How do I make the ” 44 ” to a hundred.


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