1. Julia Kirkland says:

    This article was very inspiring. I am in the exact same situation. Since I recently took a practice test and got the same score (488) after studying crazy hours with no improvement. I have taken the MCAT 2 times. The first time I got hit by a car while on a bike two weeks before I took the test. I asked for time accommodation since I was still in a sling and the AAMC denied it. I took the MCAT again feeling more confident and paid $3,000 for a private tutor and took out a lone to pay for it but only scored one point higher than the first test (extremely upsetting). I took two extra classes at the local community college in the in between time. I am supporting myself doing a full time job since not working is NOT an option. I am scheduled to take the MCAT again on June 1st but this recent practice score is really freaking me out. I am not made out of money so I am trying to be prepared for this test so I don’t have to throw more and more money down the drain before I can get to the application phase. I would love to apply this cycle. Not sure what to do. I think I need to do more practice questions like Stephanie. But I just feel a little lost on how to do better.

    • Glad you found her story inspiring. I emailed you regarding the rest

      • Julia Kirkland says:

        I did not receive an email from you. I checked my all mail and my spam and saw nothing. Please try sending your response to the email I have listed. Thanks

  2. “You’re struggling because you are breaking this mold. That’s why you feel like you’re alone.” Thanks Stephanie for the words of encouragement, the sky is the limit.

    • Leah4sci says:

      You’re very welcome Andy, I’m so happy you were able to find encouragement in her story. And you’re absolutely correct, the sky is the limit! Don’t let it stop you!

  3. Ayuk Obale says:

    Hi. What was the author GPA when she applied to med school?

  4. I also feel like a i have adhd but was tested and was told i was depressed instead. I didn’t get medication to help with my attention difficulty so i struggle so much with taking exams like the Mcat.

    • Leah4sci says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Quiqui sometimes the diagnosis are not what we need. But let me ask you this, does the ‘label’ really matter? I work with many students who have ADHD and don’t take medication. Depending on the severity there are ways to treat it without medicine. I also have ADHD and don’t take anything for it. Many of the study tips I have devised over the years have come from my quest to conquer my ADHD. Consider these to start: and

  5. Inspired girl says:

    Stephanie’s story is so inspiring. I can relate on so many levels. Low GPA, Low MCAT Practice score, and a first generation college grad. I feel like the odds are stacked against me. I have exceeded the study timeframe I set for myself and I am extremely dissapointed, dissatisfied, and surprisingly determined. This was exactly the push I need to get over thus next hump. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story!

    • Leah4sci says:

      it sounds like you’re locking yourself into a box. If you want to become a doctor then you have to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes. Stephanie studied for MUCH MUCH LONGER than planned and if you ask her today I bet she’ll say it was all worth it. If your scores tell you that you need more time, go ahead and TAKE MORE TIME. But keep at it because one day YOU will be the one bragging about how you got accepted into medical school. 🙂

  6. Vivian G says:

    Stephanie, reminds me of a younger version of myself, trying to do something major the old way (meaning high school/college way). Well the MCAT sure does know how to give you a reality check, real quick. I’m so happy for Stephanie, she showed me that if this is what you want don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story with me, you’ve given me more courage and determination to move forward with my dreams….becoming a Doctor!!!

    • Leah4sci says:

      I’m so happy to hear this Vivian! I can’t wait to see you reach your goals. In fact, once you’re in I’d love to share your story here as well because you are one strong woman!! 🙂

  7. Laelanny Reed says:

    I soooo enjoyed reading this!!! I feel beyond encouraged and I’m glad to hear Leah4sci is A great resource. Back to work I go! I’m not giving up. I’m saving this article for encouragement.

    • Leah4sci says:

      You’re very welcome Laelalanny! I’m so happy that you were able to find such inspiration in Stephanie’s journey. Please save this interview and read it again anytime you feel down and need a motivational kick in the rear! 🙂

  8. This brought tears to my eyes. I feel like i know you personally. I’m soooo proud of you. Please document your journey through med school

    • Leah4sci says:

      Thanks for this Quisha,
      I’ll pass it on to Stephanie.
      I will also keep in touch with her and try to add updates here as she progresses through medical school.

  9. Omg I connected to this story so much. I felt like I was reading about my own journey (even the long distance relationship part). I will be applying to med school this year and this just gave me so much hope.

  10. Pilgrim girl says:

    This was so encouraging for you to share, Leah. I feel like I have ADHD and it takes me a long time to “get” certain things, as I am a visual learner too. That OR reading something in print. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to get through all my MCAT prep books while I plan on volunteering so much and am taking a full semester load.

    • Leah4sci says:

      You are very welcome Pilgrim Girl. I too have ADHD. the key is to break down the big goals into small manageable chunks then conquer them one step at a time. Make sure you attend my strategy workshop at the end of this month (details to follow via email) where I go into detail on how to do this.

  11. Awesome and congrats! This story gave me an energy boost!

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