Functional Group Priority Cheat Sheet

When it comes to naming organic compounds, a molecule with a single functional group is easy. Simply follow the puzzle piece approach to naming organic compounds.

What happens when you have more than one functional group present on the molecule?

That’s where this Functional Group Priority cheat sheet (scroll down) comes in. Find the highest priority group and make that your ‘functional group’. The lower priority groups get ‘demoted’ to a substituent with regards to naming rules.

Organic chemistry functional groups video by leah fischSee the individual naming tutorial videos for examples on how to name each functional group. Or start with this video on how to Memorize Orgo Functional Groups

Once you get the hang of it, try your skills with the Functional Groups Quiz!

Functional Groups Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz Leah4sci

What to Look For:

The higher the oxidation number of the group, the higher it tends to rank. In simple terms, a functional group with MORE bonds to oxygen will outrank one with fewer bonds.

For example: Carboxylic acid = 3 > ketone = 2 > alcohol = 1 > bromine = 0

Right-click the image below then select ‘save as’ or print for the full version

Functional Group Priority Chart Leah4sci


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