Hydride Shift and Methyl Shift Mechanism

hydride shift methyl shift tutorial videoHydride shifts and methyl shifts can occur in organic chemistry reactions if there is a carbocation intermediate. While Markovnikov’s rule placed the carbocation on the more substituted of the 2 former sp2 (double bound) carbon atoms, if there is an EVEN MORE substituted carbon nearby you’ll get a carbocation rearrangement.

This video helps you understand the logic behind the carbocation rearrangement, along with specific patterns to look for when deciding between a hydride shift or methyl shift.

(watch this video or YouTube or view the transcript Рcoming soon)

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  1. Great video! thanks

  2. Hey Leah, wow. thank you! Is there anyway to see the steriochemistry for all of these reactions? If that’s part of the subscription how can I sign up? I don’t have use for the one on one tutoring because I kind of need the videos on demand. Much appreciated. I don’t understand why this isn’t the format professors use in class, it all makes sense now. Also, your voice is very soothing, panic has subsided :).

    • I don’t have a specific video on that, however I do cover stereochemistry of reactions in some of the study hall videos

  3. elmin_moussa says

    very veyr interested video it gave me more stretegy to know how can i solve some howework

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