Hydroboration Oxidation of Alkenes

hydroboration oxidation alkene reaction mechanism tutorial videoHydroboration-oxidation is yet another alcohol yielding alkene reaction. However this reaction results in an alcohol adding to the less substituted carbon for an anti-Markovnikov product.

The video below helps you understand the reactivity of Boron as well as the hydroboration and oxidation steps of the reaction mechanism.

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  1. What is the final product than that we normally need to show? Still a bit confused…

  2. When alkyl group is kicked by B then why does it attacks the Oxygen bound to B and not the other oxygen?

  3. Thank you for the video, amazing explanation. I do have a question though, if we are in a basic solution and it is okay to have OH-, and it was reactive earlier on and attacked the Boron when it was linked to 3 O_R, does OH- at the end continue to break and form bonds with B(OH)3?

  4. This video helped a lot. Thank You

  5. rogieto hinojales says

    thanks for this video..even it is a little tricky but its okay Ive already got an idea from this video. 🙂

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