1. I just watched this video and it really helped me to motivate. I’m in my last pre-med semester and am so anxious about taking the MCAT. It was nice to get some ideas about how to study. I have the EK books and I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate them with Leah’s tips and tutoring. I think I’m starting to get a plan together and feel a bit more confident!

  2. Thanks to both of you. I mean Leah and the student.

  3. Lauranna says

    Thank you both for taking the time to do the interview, and thank you Leah for posting the interview while assisting all of us future test-takers with your awesome vids, notes, study-guides, tips and tricks for the MCAT!! (I appreciate when Leah posts comments from prior test-takers since it eases my anxiety … I don’t generally test well, and when I do, I take forever then change my answers. I have to be prepared for the MCAT, I am learning new study habits from Leah and I must work on my confidence too so that I don’t fall back into my old habits of changing right answers to wrong!)

    • Thank you Lauranna!
      One of the best ways to improve your test-taking ability is to take regular practice tests. If you find that you are a poor tester make sure you take a weekly full length for at least 8 weeks in a row before your actual exam. This way your MCAT will feel like just another full length practice test. The familiarity and confidence will calm you down and help you excel.

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