Intro to Balancing Redox Reactions

Balancing Redox Equations Stoichiometry Series by Leah4sciBalancing Redox Reactions is about more than just balancing atoms. Since oxidation and reduction involve the transfer of electrons, we also have to keep an eye on atoms and charge.

Balancing Redox Equations Video 1 – Introduction to Balancing Redox Reactions

The first thing to master in balancing redox is how to balance atoms and charge. This video shows you a logical step by step approach for breaking up and balancing half reactions so that you can identify atoms and charge before combining for a complete balanced equation.

(Watch on YouTube: Balancing Redox. Click CC for transcription.)

Balancing Redox Equations Video 2 – Balancing Redox Equations in Acidic Solution with Practice Examples

This video details the process of balancing a redox reaction in acidic solution by first identifying the species that are oxidized and reduced, then writing and balancing the half reactions with the addition of water and acidic protons, and finally balancing charge by adding electrons until there is an equal amount in the oxidation and reduction half reactions.

(Watch on YouTube: Balancing Redox. Click CC for transcription.)

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