Introduction To IUPAC Nomenclature

Nomenclature IUPAC Video Leah FischNaming Organic Compounds Series: Video 1
This video is designed to give you an introduction to my ‘puzzle approach’ to IUPAC Nomenclature. Many orgo students find the topic of naming to be difficult or tricky when they attempt to name a large molecule in one shot. However, in this video I show you how to break down the pieces of a name, and in future videos I will show you how to put them together ‘puzzle style’ to ensure you haven’t missed anything

(Watch on YouTube: IUPAC. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.)

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This is Video 1 in the Naming Organic Compounds Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

Need a review on Functional Groups? Watch the Functional Groups Video, Download the Cheat Sheet, then try the Quiz.


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