Introduction to Translational Motion in MCAT Physics

Introduction to MCAT Translatoinal Motion by Leah FischThe topic of translational motion and standard kinematics may very well be one of the most important concepts to cover in your MCAT physical sciences preparations. As you work through the different topics in physics you will find yourself returning to these equations again and again.

Given how important this is, I recommend that you build a solid foundation NOW to avoid struggling down the line.

Below is Video 1 in my 9-video series on Translational Motion to provide you with a proper introduction to the material including dimensions, vectors, and an intro to kinematics

Video 1 – Introduction to Translational Motion

(Watch on YouTube: Intro to Translational Motion. Click cc on bottom right for video transcription.)

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This is Video 1 in my series on Translational Motion in MCAT Physics. Click HERE for the entire series


  1. Thank you so much, I really understand how to do physics. I was about to give up with this class but you have helped me in so many ways. Thank you again.

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