Jack Westin’s Rules

Thanks again for attending this awesome workshop!

Want to improve your CARs score on the MCAT? Check these out:

Jack’s Rules

Rule #1. Summarize what the question is asking in your own words

Rule #2. Which paragraph is this question referring to?

Rule #3. Never initially go back

Rule #4. Keep or Kill each answer choice.

Keep if you are not sure. Keep if you think it’s correct. Kill only if you have a reason to kill.

Reason #1. Wrong paragraph

Reason #2. Out of Scope / Random

Rule #5. Pick the answer that is most relevant to the scope of the question (think like a third grader)

Rule #6. Pick the answer a third grader would pick by reading one sentence from one paragraph that refers to the question

Jack’s workshop is over, CLICK HERE for more CARS Resources!