MCAT Force Equilibrium and Free Body Diagrams

mcat force equilibrium and free body diagramsWhen it comes to force equations on the MCAT there is a long and short way to set up your equilibrium equations. This video shows you how to visualize and draw free body diagrams, followed by a shortcut for setting up your equations based on applying the logic that you see rather than working through too much math.

This video required a trigonometry foundation which you can learn HERE

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This is video 5 in the MCAT Forces video series. Click HERE for the entire series


  1. I would love for you to finish the series! Taking the MCAT for the third time and hoping for clarification 🙁

  2. Hello Leah, thanks for the Physics videos ( motion, kinematics, vector, forces..etc). Just waiting Forces Practice Quiz to see how much I understand. I find this topic a little hard.

    • This series did not get the feedback I was hoping for so I switched to another series. I plan to finish it one day… but ultimately I create videos that are requested by students and members

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