Electronic and Molecular Geometry in MCAT Chemistry

Electronic and Molecular Geometry MCAT ChemistryElectronic and molecular geometry can be quite overwhelming when studying MCAT Chemistry. So¬†instead of simply memorizing the angles and shapes, its important that you have an intuitive understanding of how the VSEPR theory of electrons contributes to shapes and bond angles. This video series will help you visualize the different type of molecule groups you’ll come across as your prepare for your exam.

sp3 sp2 and sp hybridization review

The video series below assumes that you have a proper understanding of hybridization including how and why hybrid orbitals form on specific atoms. If you’re not comfortable with this topic click the image (left) or the link below to watch 2 quick tutorials on sp3, sp2 and sp hybridization.

Watch the sp3, sp2, sp Hybridization Tutorials

Comfortable with Hybridization? let’s dive in

(series in progress – I plan to post a new video weekly)