Translational Motion and Kinematics in MCAT Physics

mcat physics tutorials by leah fischThe topics of translational motion and kinematics are perhaps the most important concepts to master for the MCAT. The concepts learned here will serve as the foundation for many of the more advanced physics topics, and the equations worked out here will come back again and again as the core units for more advanced calculations.

MCAT Translational Motion – Vectors and Kinematics

  1. Introduction to translational motion – dimensions, vectors, scalars
  2. Vectors and vector components
  3. Adding and subtracting vectors
  4.  Adding vectors (cont) using vector components
  5. Speed and Velocity
  6. Acceleration
  7. Free Fall
  8. Projectile Motion
  9. Choosing the correct kinematic equation

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MCAT Kinematic Equations Cheat Sheet

Kinematics Cheat Sheet MCAT Physics Study Guide Preview