Spectroscopy: IR, NMR, Mass Spec

Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry IR NMR MASS SPECIntroduction my brand new video series covering the basic concepts in spectroscopy that you will likely come across in your organic chemistry studies. The videos below will take you through the basic concepts, followed by a step-by-step breakdown of how to solve individual problems, with examples, for NMR, IR, and Mass Spectroscopy



Introduction To Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Introduction NMR IR Mass Spect in Organic Chemistry by Leah4sci





How To Analyze NMR Peaks

Analyze HNMR Spectroscopy Leah4sci





Proton NMR Part 2 – Analyze Peaks With An Example

Proton NMR Spectroscopy Analysis C3H7Cl by Leah4sci





Proton NMR Example – Matching Molecules To A Graph

NMR Example Matching molecule to graph by Leah4sci





Proton NMR Example (continued)

NMR example more matching molecule to spectroscopy Leah4sci





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