Naming Cycloalkanes and Bicycloalkanes

Nomencalture Cycloalkanes & Bicyclo Alkanes Video Tutorial Organic Leah FischNaming Organic Compounds Series: Video 5
This tutorial video gives you a basic approach for naming cycloalkanes and bicycloalkanes using my ‘puzzle piece’ approach to IUPAC naming. Included are examples of simple cyclic compounds and substituted bicyclic organic compounds.

(Watch on YouTube: Cycloalkanes. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.)

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This is Video 5 in the Naming Organic Compounds Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

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  1. I do not know how to thank you for putting up all these beautiful practices, you made it understandable for me .
    thanks, thanks, thanks

  2. Thank you so much, Leah!

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  4. thank you for your basic videos id be lost if i hadn’t found them

  5. thank you so much for your useful videos
    i wanna ask about the ( Conformational and Geometric Isomerism for cycloalkanes )
    do you have any videos demonstrates isomerims ?

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