Naming Straight Chain Alkanes

Naming Straight Chain Alkanes Tutorial Video by Leah FischNaming Organic Compounds Series: Video 2
This naming tutorial video takes you through the basics of applying the puzzle pieces ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ when it comes to naming a straight-chain or simple alkane. Video includes a number of practice problems for recognition of line structure, condensed formula, and structural formulas.

(Watch on YouTube: Straight Alkanes. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.)

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This is Video 2 in the Naming Organic Compounds Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

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  1. This is extremely helpful, thank you!!

  2. Muddasser says

    I’m so glad that someone is really making my organic chemistry easy and that one is you. ! thanks ! eases off my chemistry ! 🙂

  3. Sarah Glade says

    Great video, thank you Leah!

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