Naming Thiols

Nomenclature Thiols Video Tutorial Leah Fisch OrgoNaming Organic Compounds Series: Video 11
This tutorial videos takes you through the IUPAC and common rules for naming thiols or molecules containing an SH group. Examples include simple and substituted thiols, as well as mercapto-alcohol examples.

(Watch on YouTube: Thiols. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.)

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This is Video 11 in the Naming Organic Compounds Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

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  1. But Leah, I am confused about Thiol & Sulphanyl. Sometime you are counting SH with carbon saying thiol somethime not counting SH saying Sulphayl. How could I know which one is Thiol or Sulphany.

  2. How do you know what kind of subsituents gets higher or lower priorities in general?

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