Newman Projection Part 4 – Multi-Substituted Molecule

Newman Projections of Multi-substituted Molecules Organic Chemistry Tutorial VideoNewman Projection Series: Video 4
What starts out as a potentially ridiculous molecule can easily be turned into a Newman Projection if you rewrite your sawhorse or ‘sideways’ structure into a 2-carbon molecule with substituents coming off it, just as they would your Newman Projection

(Watch on YouTube: Multi-Substituted. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.)

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This is Video 4 in the Newman Projection Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

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  1. Hi Leah, I was just wondering, how do you know when to place the substituents on the right and when to place it on the left in the projection. Amazing job Btw, Thank you!

    • It depends on the molecule presented. Swapping right and left will result in enantiomers so be sure to pay attention to HOW the molecule is presented.

  2. maliha ludin says

    Wow. You just made my life a lot easier. Thanks! i wish all professors taught like you.

  3. Thanks for the video! I have a question please, i don’t understand, is it necessary to rotate the molecule? If so how do we know when (or why) we should rotate it? (2.27-2.45)

  4. vittoriobenedetti says

    Hi Lea, thanks a lot for giving us so much of your time.

    i ve lost the point few videos ago. what does it change in ”real life” happening the worst conformation ? i mean when the largest groups are eclipsing each other..


    Thank you Leah, nice videos

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