Orbital Hybridization and Acid Base Strength

orbital hybridization on acids and bases organic chemistry leah4sciVideo 7 in the acid/base tutorial video series helps you understand the effect of hybridization on acid base strength. This video discusses WHY sp hybrids are more acidic and sp3 hybridized atoms more basics. This video also shows you how to calculate percent ‘s’ character

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This is video 7 in the Acid/Base video series. Click HERE to watch the entire series


  1. Thanks Leah! Need this for my exam tomorrow

  2. Penelope Borg says

    What if instead I was asked to determine the most basic compound? how would I come about approaching that kind of problem?

  3. mike cauchy says

    Where were you when I was taking ORGO 1&2 ??!!!

  4. Please add Acidity of aromatic compounds soon

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