Alcohol Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Alcohol Reactions Video Tutorial Series By Leah4sciAlcohol Reactions are crucial to have in your Organic Chemistry synthesis & reactions arsenal.

This series will take you through everything you need to know, starting with the basics of structure and naming, a review of physics properties, and of course lots and lots of alcohol reactions.

Need help as you progress? Follow along with the Alcohol Reactions Cheat Sheet (coming early February).

When you feel you have it all down test your knowledge with the Alcohol Properties & Reactions Practice Quiz (coming early February)

Need review on Alcohol nomenclature? see the detailed naming Alcohol video here 

Introduction to Alcohol Reactions by Leah FischVideo 1: Introduction

This video gives a basic overview of the alcohol functional group, including, naming, ranking, and structure.


Physical Properties of Alcohol Solubility and Boiling Point Video Tutorial in Organic Chemistry by Leah FischVideo 2: Physical Properties

This video reveals WHY behind physical property trends of alcohol such as solubility, boiling point, polarity, and more.

Alcohols Acidity and Basicity of Allcohols play

 Video 3: Acidity & Basicity

Alcohols are amphiprotic making them both acids and bases. See how to rank them using the CARIO method and practice examples every step of the way!

Alcohols Resonance & Acidity of Phenol by Leah4sci

Video 4: Resonance & Acidity of Phenol

Phenol is a unique alcohol due to the benzene ring and associated resonance. See how this impacts the acidity of phenol compared to other alcohols.


Coming Soon:

  • Alcohol Properties and Reactions Practice Quiz
  • Alcohol Reactions Cheat sheet

For more on Ranking Alcohols, see The Pencil Trick Tutorial + Video!