Recommended Organic Chemistry Books

Organic Chemistry is a subject mastered through studying and practice, practice, practice.

But how do you know what to practice?

  1. Homework problems assigned by your professor
  2.  Do additional homework problems not assigned. If you look through the back of your textbook you will realize that many of the practice problems are VERY SIMILAR. Therefore, if you are assigned just 5 homework problems, do another 10, 20, (all of them) because the extra practice will help you understand the material better.
  3. Get an additional book that is rich in practice problems.

Organic Chemistry Books for Extra Practice

I have received many emails asking about recommended organic chemistry books, and have compiled the following list for that purpose.
Each of the following books are available for sale on amazon (click the book to be taken to amazon).

Organic Chemistry As A Second Language

Organic Chemistry as a Second Language

I like this book because it doesn’t just offer problems, but also takes you through concepts and mechanisms step by step. My students who have studied from this found the problems to be straight-forward, with clear explanations which helped reinforce the topics they were studying at the time.

Book - Organic Chemistry For DummiesOrganic Chemistry for Dummies

This book follows the traditional ‘for dummies’ series by attempting to break down the entire topic, step by step, in a simple language that you can understand. While I personally recommend the above book, this is a valuable second option. This book offers easy to understand explanations for the various organic chemistry topics, along with many topic-specific practice problems.

Don’t get caught in the trap!

Many students fall into the habit of ‘collecting’ practice books out of fear for the organic chemistry material. Don’t worry too much about having ‘the best’ practice books. Instead focus on one or two practice books and STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!
I will of course be happy to help you work through any problems in both a private tutoring session or in my weekly live organic chemistry review sessions.

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