Privacy Policy and Results Disclaimer

At my goal is to help you succeed with your science courses and exam preparation. Everything on this site is focused on that single goal and nothing else.

Results Disclaimer

My tutorials and strategies stem for nearly a decade experience working with students just like you. However, results will vary for different students depending on a variety of factors including background, ability to pick up material, study time invested and ability to learn/master material.

What Personal Data is Collected?

When visitors leave comments on the site, any data provided is recorded. This includes what is written in the comments form, the visitor’s name, email address, metadata, and IP address in order to help prevent spam. These are retained indefinitely in order to allow the website to recognize and approve any follow-up comments.

When guests sign up for a workshop, download, or email subscription the data collected is as follows: email addresses, provided names, IP addresses, a contact log, email conversations, and record of consent.

As a member, your given name, email address, and volunteered information relevant to help you stay on track is also collected so I can best support you reaching your goals! I will also hold a record of consent, contract, and contact log.

Your Data, Your Rights

At any time you may request to know what personal data I have of yours.

You may also request that I erase any of your personal data. This does not include any data I am obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes (this is mainly in regard to memberships).

How’s My Information Being Used?

When you sign up for any of my workshops, downloads, or email list you’re sharing your information with myself, Leah Fisch for the single purpose of being able to provide you with your promised downloads, study tips, tutorials, and helpful information. I will never sell/trade/rent or share your information with anyone for any reason.

How do I Stop Receiving your Emails in the Future?

If at any point you wish to stop receiving my emails simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE link located at the bottom of every email. You can also email me and I will delete your name/email from my subscriber list.

Do you use Cookies?

My website does use cookies, but it does not collect/store any personal or private information. The purpose of using cookies is to help improve your user experience including:

To remember your user preference, login if you choose to remain logged in, understand audience traffic/pattern, easily connect with social media should you choose to interact accordingly.

Third Party Affiliate Services

As mentioned above, I will NEVER sell/trade/rent or share your information with anyone for any reason. I may recommend a third party product or service IF AND ONLY IF I believe it will absolutely help you along your academic journey, and in this case it is up to you to contact this service.

Some pages and posts are embedded with content from other websites. Interactions with these embedded resources behave in the same way as if you have visited the other website.

This includes but is not limited to YouTube videos, PayPal, referral links to, and related. I may earn a small commission when you purchase through my referral links at no extra cost to you.

As per Amazon policy: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

These websites may collect data on you, your cookies, your usage, and interaction with the embedded content, especially if you have an account and are logged into that website. All inquiries of personal data they may hold must be sent to them directly.

I Value Your Privacy!

To reiterate: I value your privacy. I only collect your information for the purpose of being able to help you along your academic journey. That’s it. I earn my living by offering quality training through tutoring and my online courses. I have no need to resort to scammy/sleezy tactics like selling your information.

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I’ll try to respond within 48 hours.