Ranking acids and bases using ka or pKa values and pure logic

Ranking Acid Base Strength Using Ka pKa and LogicIn general chemistry you spent many hours drawing out ICE charts and doing pKa calculations. After many calculations you were able to determine strong and weak acids. Not in organic chemistry.

At the orgo level you may be given ka/pKa values, but not for the purpose of doing calculations. These values help you rank strong or weak acids.

But that’s when the values are given. More than likely you’ll be faced with numberless acids. What then? This video shows you the logic behind the CARIO approach which will be broken down in subsequent videos.

(click to watch on YouTube. Video transcript coming soon)

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  1. Ebonie Armstrong says

    seriously, u are awesome!… I hoped you understand that you pave the way for doctors and dentists and pharmacist etc. Your concepts help so much.

  2. Henry Chan says

    Thanks, your video on strength of acids made me understand the concepts so well when compared to reading from the text.

  3. Hi Leah! Thank you so much for making these videos free and available! I took Organic 1 and 2 last year, but am currently reviewing for an OD entrance exam. These concepts are becoming easier and making so much more sense to me after watching your videos! I wish I had found your site during my course!

  4. thank you !

  5. Amina Farha says

    thanks you
    without you i couldn’t get it most of the concept of organic chemistry

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