Resonance Effect on Acidity in Organic Chemistry

effect of resonance on ranking acids and bases in organic chemistryVideo 5 in the acid/base tutorial video series shows you how to use conjugate base resonance to determine the strength or stability of conjugate bases.

If you can logically understand how resonance effects stability you’ll have an easier time determining acidity of neutral starting acid molecules.

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This is video 5 in the Acid/Base video series. Click HERE to watch the entire series


  1. Thanks. I’m in general chem and this is helpful

  2. Your videos are amazing! However, I have a doubt. We say that 1 electron carries -1 charge. But here when we transfer 2 electrons as a ‘lone pair’ we still transfer -1 charge. We should transfer -2 charge?

    Sorry if my doubt is stupid, I’m just trying to learn.

  3. thank you so much, your video help me so much
    can you please make one about oxidation state of carbon atoms indifferent functional group, and oxidation level changes, and how we can differentiate if the reaction is an oxidation or reduction or neither

  4. Your video are extremely helpful! Thank you so much for sharing.

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