Strategy Speed Session

Can 25 minutes change your premed trajectory?
Can 25 minutes erase doubts, reduce nagging questions, and increase your overall motivation?

MCAT prep is a marathon, not a sprint,
And no matter how well you plan it all out,
There WILL be ups and downs along the way.

That’s when the nagging voice in your head starts questioning your goals and telling you you’re not good enough.
That’s when it becomes increasingly more difficult to study,
And even when you’re trying the distractions often win out.

Before you know it, you’re way off schedule,
Feeling even MORE down on yourself,
Questioning your goals even more than before,
And starting to wonder if it’s all worth it.

All because there is something holding you back,
A question that you can’t seem to answer,
A lingering doubt that won’t go away,
Or a real-life obstacle (physical, mental or emotional) that you can’t seem to overcome on your own.

Having worked with thousands of students at every stage in the premed process,
I have personal insight into so many stories of failure turned into success,
So many students who were ready to give up,
Or HAVE given up,
But with guidance turned things around to make it to medical school.
Not to mention all of the experiments we’ve tried and tested,
Experiments that may fit your situation without the lengthy trial and error.

Insights that can potentially turn your journey around,
In just an intense 25-minute Strategy Speed Call.

If you’re stuck on your premed journey and feel like you’re facing a brick wall,
And it’s preventing you from putting in 110% effort (or any effort),
If you have questions that hold you back or doubts creeping into your studies,
Let’s talk.

Let’s identify what specifically is holding you back,
Let’s figure out why
Let’s figure out how to conquer the situation,
Or even a way around your obstacles
And set you back on your path to success.
One step closer to your White Coat Ceremony,
One step closer to your dreams of going to medical school.

“Leah literally covers any topic you have regarding MCAT studying and prep. I highly recommend it if you feel your study blocks aren’t effective, if you’ve reached a plateau, which resources to use for content review, when to take your exam, etc!” — Angela

My goal is to help you figure out your current roadblocks, confusions, or lingering doubts,
To help you identify what is standing in your way (and sometimes point out the uncomfortable obvious),
But then identify the steps to help you overcome it.
We’ll figure out what changes to implement,
(and how quickly to implement them).
This includes an evaluation of your study habits, lifestyle, schedule and more,
To help you maximize your time and make the most of your situation.

While I charge $175/hour for private tutoring you can book a 25-minute Strategy Speed Call today for just $69.

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Come to the call with a burning question,
And I promise you’ll walk away inspired, enlightened, and ready to take action.
Because sometimes it takes an experienced outsider to help you talk through the situation and figure out your next steps.

family wife accountability and support MCAT study Leah4sci“I enrolled in the four mini- extra support sessions (4-pack Strategy Speed Calls) to work on being more productive through my study day, and it completely changed my study habits for the better. Leah and I met via phone conference once a week to set weekly goals and review how the previous week goals went. Although this sounds a bit like Office Hours, it was on a more personal basis, and it even allowed me time in office hours to check-in on my goals for that week. For me, the accountability was most helpful. It was like riding a bike with training wheels, then slowly removing them, so that I could develop personal accountability. It far exceeded my expectations, when I started with Leah my hours studied were around 15 per week, by the end of my 4th week I was at a consistently around 35 hours per week. Not only was I able to find the time to double my study hours, but my productivity during those hours also increased dramatically, and the foundation is now set for my MCAT study habits and medical student study habits.
I cannot say thank you enough Leah!
Very Respectfully,
Richard Jimenez (Future Doctor)”

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Strategy Speed Call FAQ

Question: What’s the difference between a Strategy Speed Call and a Strategy Session?
Strategy Sessions are in-depth planning sessions. This is the type of sessions that requires both of us to be sitting in front of a computer screen as we evaluate your progress, goals and timeline, evaluate your study schedule, testing calendar and long term plan.
Think of the strategy session as an intense sit-down mapping out type session.

The Strategy Speed Call is a phone call, more of a back and forth ‘figuring out’ type of session. We’re not staring at calendars or mapping out anything intense. Instead we talk through a deep and pressing issue and come up with actionable steps for you to get past it.

Have additional questions on the Strategy Speed Call? Email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Sign up for a Strategy Speed Call today for just $69

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Leah4sci MCAT speed call review“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for the phone call tonight. Chatting with you actually felt great!  When I initially read the email from you offering this special month long program I was apprehensive to purchase it.  I worried that I was so lost in my studies you would judge me and my progress (or lack there of).  I could have not been more wrong!  The conversation was easy and gentle, and at no time did I feel judged.  Instead, our hour together lifted my spirits and I felt understood.  I think that because this call was not just a strategy session, I was able to share with you the whole picture of my life’s schedule and my struggles allowing us to end the call with me focused on a concrete path forward based upon where I am now.  
Again, thank you!  Wandering alone with no direction was just torture.
Jacki N.”