MCAT Strategy Session

Leah Fisch - TutorWhen it comes to preparing for the MCAT it’s not just about how much time you study. Instead it’s all about having an effective study strategy that fits your personal schedule and needs. But most importantly your strategy must have regular built-in checkpoints to ensure that you are progressing as required to reach your goal.

And if not, you must be able to quickly identify why you are not progressing so that you can adjust, pivot, and reassess on a regular basis.

Need help coming up with a personalized strategy?

Book a strategy session today and I will help you create that custom study plan based on your needs.

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How it works:

We’ll start with a pre-strategy questionnaire. This will help me understand exactly where you stand, your past studying experience, your goals, scores, anything to help me better prepare to help you.

Video Chat Part 1: 

We’ll hop on GoToMeeting (my screen-sharing program) for a 45-85 minute detailed chat.

During this time we’ll discuss your goals, time-frame and current standing.

We’ll take into account your personal schedule, study ability, and specific strengths and weaknesses.

Using this information we’ll craft a weekly study plan letting you know what to cover and how to work through the materials.

Video Chat Part #2

We’ll hop on for a follow-up chat a few weeks later. After you’ve had a few weeks to implement your new schedule and come up with questions on your approach.

We’ll draw out a backwards calendar and schedule strategic practice exam dates so that you can measure your progress along the way.

We’ll discuss how to utilize the information gained from each exam letting you know exactly what needs to be done moving forward.

We’ll discuss follow-up strategy and schedule changes as needed to ensure your strategy always adjusts to your current needs.

Book your 2-part strategy session for a one-time payment of $349

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Once paid I will email you to set up our session.

While the strategy session does NOT include daily accountability and follow-up email support, you can get this and more in my guided MCAT prep program.

Details here: Leah4sci MCAT Study Hall

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